A commitment to operational and performance excellence through safety, quality, and sustainability.

Victaulic is driven by a commitment to clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy. We are your total system partner to help ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable energy solutions for our communities.

For you this means:

  • Reduce project risk
  • Optimize compressed schedules
  • Modularize construction
  • Improve site safety

With over a century of experience, Victaulic understands the evolving energy sector and is committed to enabling customers to meet their sustainability goals, regardless of project size, design, or schedule.

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Downstream Oil and Gas

Victaulic Vortex™ Brochure

Learn more about Victaulic Vortex™ hybrid fire extinguishing solutions.

Benefits & Solutions


  • Lighter, simpler installation yields increased worker safety and productivity
  • No fumes or flames
  • Visual verification of proper installation
  • Engineered confidence throughout the entire project scope

Risk Mitigation

  • Superior quality and fast installation means reduced downtime and operating costs, plus improved onsite productivity up to 80%
  • 100% quality inspection prior to shipment from Victaulic
  • Construction expertise through all project phases

Compress Construction Schedule

  • Project certainty through fast, reliable, leak-tight design
  • Installation up to 10 times faster than alternatives
  • Union at every joint
  • Ease of disassembly and reinstallation

Environmental, Social Governance (ESG)

  • Carbon-free installation
  • 80% reduction in fugitive emissions vs Class 600 spiral wound flange gaskets
  • 90% reduction of environmental impact through post-consumer content in ductile iron
  • Industry-leading training for customers and employees
  • Highest standards of professional behavior and ethics

Construction Consistency

  • Project certainty through fast, reliable, leak-free design
  • High adaptability system for all design situations; also ideal for evolving scope
  • Rapid deployment and highly maintainable systems