Victaulic’s new QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System is an innovative plain end pipe joining technology designed for use on carbon steel piping systems sized 2”/DN50 and down.

  • Available in sizes ½ – 2" | DN15 – DN50
  • For use on Schedules 5 – 80 carbon steel pipe
  • Up to 300 psi | 2068 kPa | 21 bar
  • Up to +250°F | +120°C with EPDM gasket
  • Includes patented "Leak-If-Not-Tightened" technology (at initial installation)
  • Also for use on 6061-T6 aluminum pipe conforming to ASTM B241 (Schedule 40 only)

Discover the QuickVic™ SD
Installation-Ready™ System

  • Carbon steel thread vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 4x faster than threaded joints
    • Up to 90% time savings on leak fixes
    • Eliminates the mess and hassle of threading
  • Carbon and stainless steel press vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 50% less cost for fittings
    • No "kicking" joints
    • No jaw sets or special tools for calibration
  • Copper press vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 60% cost savings on pipe
    • No joint cutouts equal 2-5% savings
    • No false positives or unintended separations
  • Copper sweat vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 60% cost savings on pipe
    • Up to 25% labor savings
    • No fire watch or risk of property damage due to fire

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Installations with results

Learn how projects and clients have benefitted from QuickVic™ SD Installations

    • Ease & Speed of Installation
    • Simplified Maintenance
    • Labor Savings
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  • University Expands Its Teaching Labs
    • Cost Savings
    • Ease & Speed of Installation
    • Simple Tools
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    • Ease & Speed of Installation
    • Time Savings
    • Simplified Maintenance
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Discover the QuickVic SD installation-ready system


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QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System Submittal 34.01
PC3110 Cut & Mark Tool Operating and Maintenance Instructions Manual TM-PC3110
QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System Products Pipe Preparation Instructions I-P100-ADD
Thermally Diffused Zinc Coating Data Sheet TB-908
QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System Field Installation Handbook I-P100
QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System Sell Sheet PB-QVSD