Over a century of proven experience and a commitment to sustainable partnerships.

Since the 1920’s Victaulic has provided solutions for many of the largest power generation projects. From standard service needs to unique high pressures, extreme temperatures, and abrasive surfaces, Victaulic is your total project partner to address the industry’s highest demands.

Victaulic’s power code compliant solutions for natural gas, wind, geothermal, nuclear, solar, coal, hydroelectric and others, increase sustainability, reliability, certainty, and safety for the life of the system, applicable on new builds and retrofit projects.

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Values & Solutions


  • Lighter, simpler installation yields increased worker safety and productivity
  • No fumes or open flames
  • Visual verification of proper installation
  • Engineered confidence throughout the entire project scope


  • Superior quality and fast installation means reduced downtime and operating costs, plus improved onsite productivity up to 80%
  • 100% quality inspection prior to shipment from Victaulic
  • Construction expertise through all project phases


  • Project certainty through fast, reliable, leak-free design
  • High adaptability system for all design situations; also ideal for evolving scope
  • Rapid deployment and highly maintainable systems



Victaulic offers a variety of solutions that integrate seamlessly into your project based on specific project needs.

Applications Engineering

Our Applications Engineering group is comprised of engineering specialists who devote superior skills and extensive experience to provide only the best services to our valued customers.

Virtual Design and Construction

We are here to help you make your next project faster from the start. Our VDC team can support BIM projects, 3D scanning, model-based estimating, and material management.

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