TOPIC: Sustainability

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Circularity in Construction – Part 4: From an Operational Building to End-of-Life Scenarios

Shifting to a circular approach of “reduce-reuse-recycle” is essential to cut waste and to reduce waste going to landfills.

reducing impact and waste on site

Circularity in Construction – Part 3: Reducing Impact and Waste on the Site

The method of construction can significantly impact a project’s ability to achieve its schedule goals, and it can impact safety and sustainability.

preconstruction strategies to minimize environmental impact and waste

Circularity in Construction – Part 2: Preconstruction Strategies to Minimize Environmental Impact and Waste

Selecting the right material and design considerations from the start can minimize impact and waste, even before setting foot on-site.

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Circularity in Construction – Part 1: Understanding Carbon in Construction

Adopting circularity means taking the entire life cycle into account - from production/construction through use, maintenance, and end-of-life.