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TOPIC: Victaulic Vortex


Vortex is the latest fire extinguishing technology to resolve issues commonly faced by engineers, operations managers and business owners. As innovators in the fire protection industry, we at Victaulic, are continuously developing emerging technologies for fire protection systems particularly new fire suppression technology.

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Our most recent advances in fire suppression systems, the Victaulic Vortex hybrid fire extinguishing system, is specifically designed for special hazard applications including museums and archives, electrical rooms, high and medium voltage transformers, data centers and information technology spaces. Victaulic Vortex is considered a hybrid or dual agent fire extinguishing system offering an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to clean agent systems. The 100% green, non-toxic design generates a hybrid fire suppression media which is a combination of inert gas and atomized water creating an atmosphere that does not support combustion. This latest fire extinguishing system provides fire protection engineers with an option that addresses concerns with life safety, limited water supply, room integrity, costly clean up and potentially damaging water run-off. Benefits of the Victaulic Vortex latest fire protection technology include:

  • Fast, convenient installation
  • Minimal water pressure
  • No costly clean up or need for equipment replacement
  • Quick system recharge
  • Green & sustainable fire suppression solution

To learn more about the latest fire extinguisher system, Victaulic Vortex, a next generation fire suppression technology, read this collection of blog posts including case studies and interviews demonstrating the future of fire protection technology and highlighting the effectiveness of our Vortex new fire safety technology.

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