TOPIC: Advanced Groove System

As the most reliable, fastest and safest pipe joining system for 14” to 60” piping applications, Victaulic Advanced Groove System (AGS) components offer the perfect alternatives to welding. The exceptional performance and dependability of the proprietary wedge-shaped groove expedite assembly time by facilitating correct coupling positioning and coupling to pipe engagement. View More

With unprecedented assembly speed, this mechanical pipe joining system installs quickly and easily and reduces downtime during the initial installation and any future maintenance or service requirements.

Additional Benefits of the AGS Grooved Pipe Joining System Include:

  • No Flames or Fumes -- the two-piece coupling design eliminates the need to flange or weld
  • Design Flexibility -- allowing for implementation in curved spaces
  • Easy to Install in Tight Spaces -- grooved two-piece pipe joint makes this system easy to install in small, enclosed spaces
  • Superior Seismic-Shock Resistance -- accommodates for piping system movement. It’s the easiest method for accommodating differential settlement
  • Couplings are Fully Self-Restrained Joints -- eliminating the need for secondary devices such as harnesses
  • Strength & Flexibility -- a single AGS coupling supports 13,000 pounds while maintaining joint integrity

In this blog collection, you will find case studies, videos and even more information on this faster, safer and easier welding alternative that reduces cost, gives contractors the speed they want and engineers the performance they need.

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Roll Grooved Pipe vs Cut Grooved Pipe

How are Roll Grooved Pipes and Cut Grooved Pipes Different?

While coupling technology has evolved beyond the original Victaulic mechanical joint, the basics behind grooved pipe have stood the test of time.

Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta GA - Victaulic Innovative Piping Solutions

Innovative Piping Solutions Win Big at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Victaulic innovative stadium piping solutions helped Tebarco Mechanical accommodate tight timelines and unique architecture at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Construction Workers - Shinn Tunnel

Piping Partnership Helps Contractor Finish Project in 10 Weeks

Partnering with Milwaukee & Victaulic, Shinn Mechanical installed, tested & completed a piping system in Seattle SR 99 tunnel in 10 weeks.

Sport Image: Curling

Bringing Home Olympic Gold since 1976

Victaulic solutions have a record of successful Olympic facility construction, with 25 Olympic facilities using grooved products for applications.

Victaulic Style W257 Dynamic Movement Joint Image with Verbiage "Engineered Solutions"

A “New” View of AWWA M11

The Victaulic style W257 dynamic movement joint is just one of the many new & innovative technologies showcased at the 2017 AWWA this year.

Victaulic's AGS a the coupling in the Hydraulic Air Compressor (HAC) Demonstrator project

An Ultra-Cool Solution for Deep Mining Challenges

Victaulic used their Advanced Grooved System for the Hydraulic air compressor pipe coupling to assist in creating solutions for today’s conundrums.

Stainless Steel Fittings for Large-Diameter Piping Systems - Victaulic AGS

Introducing AGS Stainless Steel Fittings for Large-Diameter Piping Systems

AGS stainless steel fittings for large-diameter pipe give customers the ability to build mechanical piping systems in stainless steel faster & safer.