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Fire protection system installer working with a Victaulic roll grooving pipe tool

Switch Pipe Joining Method to Increase Corrosion Resistance

Increasing the schedule of the pipe in a fire protection system to increase corrosion resistance is a common practice, but can make the cost of mat...

Computer, tablet & smart phone - displaying the Victaulic web-based, mobile-friendly product guide

Guiding your Product Selection

It can be challenging to sort through our vast product offering, but the web-based & mobile-friendly Victaulic Product Guide is here to help.

Image of Pi Symbol- International Pi Day- March 14th

A Day in the Life of ∏pe

In honor of Pi Day, Victaulic posts a tribute to the RG5200i for measuring all critical groove dimensions INCLUDING the circumference of pipe.

Victaulic RG1200 roll grooving tool - allows for in-place maintenance & repair work on steam piping systems

Latest Breakthrough in Steam Piping MRO!

Watch a video on Victaulic RG1200 roll grooving tool allowing for in-place maintenance & repair work on steam piping systems.

Three Workers Discussing a Project with Victaulic Products

How to Engineer Service

This blog includes a video that details Victaulic's best in class support and service to meet customer needs.

Verbiage- Engineering Confidence - Victaulic

How to Engineer Confidence

This video details the engineering confidence Victaulic adds to products & services through research & development, lean manufacturing & field supp...

Roxana Petroleum Corp. 2

How to Engineer Heritage

See how Victaulic trailblazed the industry with inventive technologies that have put them at the forefront of innovation & technology.

Victaulic NFPA 2017 Booth

In Case You Missed It: NFPA 2017 Boston

A NFPA recap including the newest innovations showcased: Construction Piping Services, Victaulic Vortex™, VicFlex™ & Hydraulic Control Valves

Piping & Instrumentation Mock Diagram - Victaulic

Victaulic Integrates Web Technology with Intelligent Pipe Grooving

Victaulic’s roll grooving tool for pipe grooving is a unique example of how interconnectivity can enhance communication within the construction arena.