Desalination and Reverse Osmosis

Desalination and Reverse Osmosis Overview


Below are just a few of the many benefits to contractors, owners and engineers when specifying Victaulic on desalination systems.

  • Eliminate direct and indirect costs associated with welding.  X-ray/non-destructive testing, pickling and passivation of welds, gas purge, etc.

  • Faster fabrication and installation translates to fewer man-hours and less overall project risk. 

  • Reduce material handling during transportation and field erection. Ship valves to the job site for easy field installation.

  • Reduce piping construction schedules. Reduce your schedule by 1 month and you could save 2% on your total project costs. 


​New Products

In April 2013, Victaulic introduced the Style 171 flexible coupling.

The Style 171 is an engineered composite coupling for use where corrosive conditions exist. Ideal for reverse osmosis (RO) skids in vertical and horizontal installations, the Style 171 enables quick and simple installation and provides substantial gains in productivity.

Featuring Victaulic installation-ready™ technology, the Style 171 eases and speeds installation. The injection molded engineered composite housing offers corrosion and UV resistance, and is lighter in weight than ductile iron and stainless steel couplings.

The coupling’s design reduces labor hours to complete system installation, eliminates loose components that could be dropped or lost, and reduces installation clearance requirements.

The Style 171 coupling can be used to join standard roll- or cut-grooved PVC and cut-grooved HDPE pipe. The coupling can also be used on stainless steel and FRP.

For more information about the Style 171, view the product submittal here and  view the product animation here.

  • Perth Seawater Desalination Plant
    Perth Seawater Desalination Plant

    The largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere - is country’s first state to use desalination as a major public...

  • DuPont Reverse Osmosis
    DuPont Reverse Osmosis

    A Victaulic grooved stainless steel system was utilized for ease of maintenance and filter change-outs.

  • Flexible Composite Coupling - Style 171
    Flexible Composite Coupling - Style 171

    The Style 171 composite flexible coupling featuring Victaulic installation-ready™ technology is an engineered composite coupling for use where corrosive conditions exist. The...

  • MTS Plug Valve - Series 465
    MTS Plug Valve - Series 465

    Victaulic MTS Plug Valves feature grooved ends for installation in either Victaulic StrengThin™ Systems or Victaulic Original Grooved Systems (OGS). Suitable for...

  • Stainless Steel Type 316 Rigid Coupling - Style 489
    Stainless Steel Type 316 Rigid Coupling - Style 489

    Designed for 11/2 – 12"/40 – 300mm piping systems, Style 489 features a heavy stainless steel housing for pressures up to 600psi/4135kPa...