Fire Protection

  • Victaulic Website Dedicated to the Fire Protection Industry

    Victaulic Website Dedicated to the Fire Protection Industry

    On, you will find content with fewer clicks because the content is 100% fire protection focused. The site features menus and search results that are specific to the industry, making it even easier to find what you're looking for quickly. 

  • FireLock NXT™ Devices

    FireLock NXT™ Devices

    Dry, deluge and preaction solutions featuring ultra-fast trip time and water delivery

  • FireLock™ Automatic Sprinklers

    FireLock™ Automatic Sprinklers

    Victaulic offers a full range of sprinkler solutions for any applications, performance or aesthetic requirements

  • Victaulic Vortex™ Fire Suppression System

    Victaulic Vortex™ Fire Suppression System

    Hybrid technology utilizes minimal water presence, no toxic agents, provides fast system recharge and requires no room integrity

  • FireLock™ Couplings and Fittings

    FireLock™ Couplings and Fittings

    fire protection fitting systems CAD-designed for optimized flow and installation profile

Download Fire Protection CAD Details
A History of Innovation in the Fire Protection Piping Industry

In 1952, Victaulic released the first UL Listed grooved coupling for fire protection piping services. Today, Victaulic technology includes a complete offering of fire protection sprinklers, grooved couplings, fire protection pipe fittings, valves, devices, accessories and pipe preparation tools to meet the needs of any fire protection piping application.

Installation Contractors

Victaulic installation-ready™ technology can speed and reduce risk in installation of your fire protection sprinkler piping installation

  • no loose parts

  • ready-to-install right out of the box

  • no torque requirements

Victaulic dry pipe devices and wet system alarm valves ship ready-to install

  • no pipe trim assembly required

  • no calculation of air-to-water differential - consistent 13psi/.89 bar requirement

  • lightweight design, compact installation footprint

System Designers For Fire Protection Sprinklers

Victaulic offers a comprehensive CAD package including REVIT files for ease of design and planning for fire protection sprinklers

  • 2D and 3D CAD models available

  • Dedicated Engineering Services Fire Protection Piping Technical Support Team available globally

Fire Protection Piping Product Offering

Grooved Couplings

Dry, Deluge and Preaction Valves 


Grooved Fittings

Flexible Sprinkler Fittings


Special Hazards



Test and Drain


If you own or service a Victaulic FireLock NXT Series 769 Deluge or Preaction Actuated Valve, Series 768 Dry Valve or Series 776 Low Pressure Actuator, click here to read a technical service bulletin. 


Victaulic Vortex™ hybrid fire suppression technology affords zero environmental impact, utilizes only water and nitrogen, rapidly cools a fire space and safely reduces oxygen content, minimizing conditions for re-ignition.

Data Center Fire Suppression

Specified where exposed piping may freeze. Compact, installation-ready and easily maintained valve systems eliminate air-to-water differential calculation.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Victaulic Vortex™ Hybrid Fire Suppression System utilizes only water and nitrogen. Benefits include minimal water presence, environmentally friendly green technology, no need to maintain room integrity and fast, economical system reset after discharge.

Machine Space Fire Suppression

Victaulic offers a full range of FireLock storage sprinkler systems, including in-rack, ESFR and the LP-46 low-pressure pendent and upright family of storage sprinklers.

Rack and Freezer Storage Fire Protection

FireLock® couplings, valves, fittings, sprinklers, installation-ready FireLock EZ® couplings and VicFlex™ Sprinkler Fittings provide efficient, dependable wet mining piping system assembly.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems