A UK First for Sprinkler Installation


A UK First for Sprinkler Installation

Posted on May 30th, 2023

Demand for safe and secure warehousing is greater than ever before. As the popularity of e-commerce continues to flourish and consumer demand for same and next-day deliveries burgeons, warehouses, storage facilities and distribution centres face increased pressure to keep pace with the volume of goods and packaging traveling through their doors. However, what is often overlooked is the subsequent fire risk caused by the increased concentration of

combustible materials housed in these facilities. It is under these challenging conditions that Victaulic was recently commissioned by one of e-commerce’s giants to deliver a state-of-the-art fire protection system in a fulfillment centre, the first for this type of sprinkler installation in the UK.

Ensuring safety in fulfillment centres

As with any new fulfillment centre, time is of the essence and it’s not unusual for construction to have a very tight turnaround to get the facility commissioned and operational as soon as possible. This goes hand and hand with the need for dependable and safe systems, to prevent future disruption. Time and dependability were front of mind for the e-commerce giant, and ultimately led the contractor to choose Victaulic and the Victaulic FireLock™ IGS Installation-Ready™ sprinklers instead of traditional threaded sprinklers. 665 V4702 ESFR Quick Response Installation-Ready™ sprinklers were installed in total with 540 of them at roof level, and a further 125 under duct. These grooved sprinklers, with a one bolt Installation-Ready™ coupling already preassembled, are up to two times faster to install than traditional threaded sprinklers and require up to 55 per cent less pipe prep.

By eliminating all sprinkler preparation works considerable time-savings and numerous labour management advantages are achieved. Since the sprinklers with coupling arrive on site pre-assembled, there are no loose parts to be misplaced or dropped and they also don’t requiree any preparation before installation. The sprinklers can simply be pushed on the grooved outlet, and the bolt and nut can be tightened with an impact gun.

The reliability of the Victaulic sprinklers was paramount to this project. Fulfillment centres see thousands of products enter their doors regularly, and only the most reliable sprinkler system would suffice. Currently, fitters must install a sprinkler using a sprinkler wrench which is both physically demanding for the fitter and potentially damaging to the sprinkler frame due to the applied torque.


However, utilizing a mechanical connection with one bolt allows the fitter to use a power tool, thereby preventing wear and tear and avoiding torque applications directly on the sprinkler frame. Critically, this reduces the likelihood of leaks when the system is pressurized. Employing visual confirmation of the metal-to-metal connection of the bolt pads for proper installation, instead of using a torque wrench, also makes installation simple and provided the e-commerce giant with affirmation they were receiving an industry leading solution with expert support and installation.

Delivering results

Victaulic is committed to offering simplified solutions that save both time and money, while increasing system confidence and safety. With the advent of the Installation-Ready™ sprinkler, the client had access to the easiest, most efficient, and safest installation method – improving both their productivity and work environment.

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