Can I use Victaulic in my Buried Pipe Design?

Montreal, Canada repairs a 20-inch buried HDPE piping system that carries wastewater to the municipal sewage system with Victaulic couplings 2017

Can I use Victaulic in my Buried Pipe Design?

Posted on February 22, 2019

Buried Pipe Design is Evolving

Are you selecting a pipe joining method for your next buried services piping project? Think Victaulic. With over 90 years of buried piping system experience, Victaulic solutions provide confidence and reliability for buried pipe design.

Victaulic couplings are ideally designed for direct buried applications. Since couplings require a smaller excavation site to install, you’ll save time and money if you chose Victaulic over competitive joining methods in your buried piping design.

How Victaulic couplings reduce risk and ensure confidence in buried piping design:

  • Reduced labor needed to handle and install Victaulic products, and,
  • Reduced project schedule attributed to product installation speed and less excavation.

In addition to these benefits, Victaulic couplings can be visually inspected to ensure proper installation, allowing 100 percent of joints to be checked before commissioning your buried piping system.


Trusted: Couplings Are the Buried Pipe Design Answer

Countless projects have relied on our products over the last 90 years of Victaulic’s buried service experience. Trusted around the world by specifying engineers for their dependability, Victaulic joining solutions are often chosen for their reliability, the speed of installation and simplicity. In July 2017, one of Canada’s largest metropolises needed to repair a 20-inch buried HDPE line that carries wastewater to the municipal sewage system. Time was of the essence. The underground line had been damaged by an excavator, and repairs on the buried piping system needed to be done quickly and correctly the first time.

The city initially considered electrofusion, but water was seeping from the pipe, and it would have been challenging to position electrofusion couplings on the line due to its 20-inch size. Thankfully, Victaulic provided a simpler solution: the Style 908 Coupling. Part of the Victaulic system for joining HDPE pipe, the Style 908 coupling can be easily positioned and installed in any condition. Equipped with fluoropolymer-coated hardware, these couplings are designed to be buried, making them ideal for this application.

Comprised of two housings and a gasket, the Style 908 coupling was installed using a standard impact wrench. The ability to visually verify a correctly installed joint by ensuring bolt pad to bolt pad contact gave the city confidence in regard to the durability and longevity of the repair.

Victaulic products engineer confidence into your build and provide countless benefits for your next buried piping system project. Do you have questions on the use of Victaulic products in buried applications? Our Applications Engineering team is here to help! Our team of global engineers is just a phone call or email away.


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