Mixed-Use Development

Seamlessly align mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems for wide-ranging business and residential needs.

Mixed-use developments require highly customized yet flexible designs to accommodate a diverse mix of commercial tenants from retailers to restaurants, gyms, hotels and more. With distinct heating, cooling, plumbing and fire protection requirements from tenant to tenant, developers must create futureproof designs suited to current tenant needs with built-in system flexibility that can be seamlessly adapted for future tenants. Victaulic innovations like prefabricated air handling units and pump drops, KOIL-KIT™ coil packs, and an expansive sprinkler portfolio, including the industry’s only flexible sprinklers, prioritize safety and enable you to seamlessly combine multiple systems under one structure.

Victaulic helps solve for spatial constraints, rapidly advancing technology and continually evolving tenant needs on your next mixed-use project, delivering:

  • Futureproof system design
  • Space-saving, efficient configurations
  • Easy to maintain systems

As a trusted project partner on mixed-use developments across the globe, Victaulic understands mixed-use design requires, coordinated BIM-enabled planning to create community-focused destinations for residents to live, work and play. As an expert in mechanical pipe-joining, flow control and fire protection solutions, Victaulic is well-versed in supporting highly complex, multifaceted mechanical and life safety systems.

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Values & Solutions

Ease of Installation

  • Reduced construction time to have minimal disruptions
  • Stay operational while doing refurbs
  • Smaller crew size onsite
  • Prefabrication and BIM coordination capabilities

Construction Modularization

  • Easier material handling and installation
  • One single SKU
  • Attenuate noise & vibration
  • Eliminate rubber bellows
  • Reduced footprint
  • Avoid water hammer and cavitation

Minimal Impact/Stay Operational

  • Easily adaptable systems
  • Reduced onsite clutter/clean workspace
  • Reduced downtime due to easy system access
  • Keep your systems active during refurbishment
  • Grooved technology lends itself to prefabrication