Multi-Family Residential

Tackle tight project timelines and overcome spatial constraints while prioritizing functionality, longevity, and safety.

Multi-family projects require seamless coordination and fast installation to meet strict project deadlines, whether you’re bringing a new luxury apartment building online or looking to minimize tenant disruptions on a residential tower retrofit. Residential properties must continually adapt to attract and retain tenants, leveraging the latest technological advancements while incorporating modern design elements and upscale amenities like green spaces, pools, gyms and dog washing stations. As residential properties evolve to keep pace with changing tenant needs and preferences, they require more advanced and customized plumbing, heating, cooling and fire protection solutions.

For your next project, Victaulic can deliver on:

  • Cost and schedule certainty
  • Minimized footprint
  • Safer, faster installation
  • Engineered piping movement solutions

With expertise in a range of multi-family residential projects around the world, Victaulic is a trusted partner throughout all stages of the project lifecycle. Grooved fittings and valves for mechanical and fire systems, Style 155 expansion joints to accommodate movement, modular pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations and an extensive sprinkler portfolio drive faster, safer installation.

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Values & Solutions

Construction Efficiency

  •  BIM coordination and estimating
  • Enable easy fabrication and delivery coordination
  • Patented Installation-Ready™ Technology for 10 times faster installation

Improved Safety

  • Flame-free installation without hazardous fumes
  • No fire alarm coordination required
  • Visual confirmation of joint integrity
  • Cleaner workspace

Accommodating Movement

  • Compact riser solutions eliminate need for expansion loops
  • Accommodate thermal expansion and contraction
  • Attenuate noise and vibration
  • Structural design support