minimize project risk, costs, and uncertainty with victaulic dynamic movement Solutions

Static Deflection VS Dynamic Movement: How Does Your System Move?

Static Deflection: Pipe offset at installation when the system is in a steady-state condition.

Dynamic Movement: Repeatable displacement of pipe from fluctuating external loads or forces while in-service.

Victaulic Dynamic Movement Solutions are designed to accommodate for all types of dynamic, in-service pipe movement, including:


Differential Settlement

Ground settling can exert uneven forces on pipes, risking joint displacement or breakage. Our grooved assembly flexibly adapts to these shifts, maintaining a secure connection even in variable soil conditions.

Expansion & Contraction

Temperature fluctuations cause pipes to expand and contract. Standard joints may not accommodate these changes, leading to stress and potential failure. Our grooved assembly is designed to naturally adjust to thermal changes, maintaining a leak-free seal and prolonging system life.


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Seismic Movement

Seismic Movement

In areas prone to seismic activity, traditional pipe joining methods can fail under the stress of ground movement. Victaulic Dynamic Movement Solutions are engineered to withstand seismic forces, ensuring a secure, resilient connection that maintains integrity during and after seismic events.

Noise & Vibration Attenuation

Mechanical and environmental vibrations can loosen or damage traditional pipe connections. Victaulic pre-engineered solutions absorb these vibrations, protecting the integrity of the water system and reducing maintenance needs.

Achieve Operational Excellence with a Fully Engineered Solution for Dynamic Movement


Ensure system longevity with the first fully restrained, AWWA M11 compliant grooved solution designed for in-service pipe movement


Minimize schedule uncertainty with installation up to 10 times faster than competitive pipe joining methods


Mitigate project risk with a leak-free design built to last the life of the system


Reduce hydraulic structure footprints by up to 52%, including excavation, concrete, and piping components


Facilitate seamless accessibility for both future expansion and ongoing maintenance

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