Revolutionizing the approach to designing, installing, and maintaining piping systems.

Victaulic designs, manufactures, and delivers solutions for the projects that keep our communities moving, including bridges, tunnels, waterways, rail systems, and roadways.

Victaulic grooved methodology presents a swifter, safer, and more cost-effective solution for transportation construction, with reduced labor demands. It encompasses inherent design advantages such as handling expansion, contraction, stress reduction, and adapting to dynamic movement and seismic forces. Moreover, it lessens the project’s environmental impact by minimizing the footprint necessary compared to conventional construction methods.

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Dynamic Movement Equipment

Values & Solutions


  • Controlled manufacturing environments improve consistency and quality of systems
  • Parallel construction of modules shortens project timelines and enables schedule compression
  • Reduced construction lead time and use of multi-skilled labor to lower overall project costs

Risk Mitigation

  • Superior quality and fast installation means reduced downtime and operating costs, plus improved onsite productivity up to 80%
  • 100% quality inspection prior to shipment from Victaulic
  • Construction expertise through all project phases

Construction Consistency

  • Project certainty through fast, reliable, leak-free design
  • High adaptability system for all design situations; also ideal for evolving scope
  • Rapid deployment and highly maintainable systems



Victaulic offers a variety of solutions that integrate seamlessly into your project based on specific project needs.

Application Engineering

Our Applications Engineering group is comprised of engineering specialists who devote superior skills and extensive experience to provide only the best services to our valued customers.

Virtual Design and Construction

At Victaulic, our experts in structural and piping design work together with your project team to co-create movement solutions that mitigate your overall risk.