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Discover reliable, highly adaptable liquid cooling and life safety solutions powering the next generation of data centers.

The future of data center design continues to evolve rapidly with designers and owners working to keep pace with demand for increased computing power. With many data centers integrating liquid cooling systems, reliability and scalability are paramount in these mission critical applications. Victaulic innovations like Liquid-To-Rack Equipment Modules, Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Fire Extinguishing Systems and VicFlex Flexible Dry Sprinklers deliver on data center constructability.

For you this means:

  • Safety, efficiency and system reliability
  • Scalable, adaptable designs that keep pace with changing demand
  • Concurrent maintainability with minimal Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Visual verification and inspection for installation confidence
  • Sustainable solutions feature up to 98% recycled materials and zero installation emissions

Victaulic couplings are currently deployed in data center systems solutions across the globe with over 6 billion hours of uninterrupted service when properly inspected.

Victaulic grooved systems can be visually verified for proper installation, with reliability engineered into the product’s design for the facility’s lifespan. Victaulic is a trusted strategic partner in data center system design around the world, providing extensive system knowledge and unmatched support throughout all stages of the project lifecycle.

Key Systems:

  • Facilities Systems
  • Technical Cooling Systems
  • Fire Protection


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Victaulic Mission Critical Brochure 

Victaulic is more than a manufacturer, we are your total project partner. Your success is our mission.

Values & Solutions


  • Reliable visual verification of proper installation
  • Lighter, simpler installation yields increased productivity
  • Liquid-to-Rack Equipment Modules future-proof Liquid Cooling Systems
  • No fumes or flames

Integrated Supply Chain

  • Communicative, coordinated, and collaborative business partnerships
  • Improved operational efficiency and timely delivery
  • Scale and adapt to increasing demands


  • Made from recycled content
  • Zero installation emissions
  • Infinity reconfigurable
  • Recyclable at end-of-life



Victaulic offers a variety of solutions that integrate seamlessly into your project based on specific project needs.
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Virtual Design and Construction

We are here to help you make your next project faster from the start. Our VDC team can support BIM projects, 3D scanning, model-based estimating, and material management.

Applications Engineering

Our Applications Engineering group is comprised of engineering specialists who devote superior skills and extensive experience to provide only the best services to our valued customers.