Canyon Rock Inc. Cyclone and Sand Plant Expansion

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Project Type: Quarry
Owner: Canyon Rock Inc.
Engineer: Canyon Rock Inc.
Contractor: Canyon Rock Inc.
Pipe Material:
  • HDPE
Pipe Size: 6 - 18''/ DN150-450
Location: Forestville, CA, USA
  • Compressed Construction Schedule

Located in Forestville, California, Canyon Rock Inc. has been an industry leader in supplying quality aggregate and concrete since the 1970s. In 2017, Canyon Rock approached Victaulic to assist in its cyclone and sand plant expansion.

In order to expand its aggregate processing, Canyon Rock had originally planned on using fabricated fusion, a process that would have made onsite design changes challenging and time-consuming. For these reasons, along with ease of assembly and streamlined maintenance, the team at Canyon Rock selected Victaulic HDPE system solutions.

Victaulic’s CG3100 and CG3300 field grooving tools allowed the crew to groove 14’’ – 18’’ HDPE pipe onsite, enabling quick installation of Victaulic Style 908 couplings and Victaulic HDPE fittings. Victaulic HDPE system solutions were also installed on the quarry’s water lines and sand cyclone system.

“The biggest benefit to the Victaulic system is the time. It literally takes 5-10 minutes in most instances to install a coupling, to where on a 6-8’’ pipe it would take at least an hour to weld the pipe.” Noted Nick Commich, Head Mechanic and Maintenance Employee at Canyon Rock. “If you can put a pen in a pen cap, you can put a Victaulic coupling on a piece of pipe. It slips on, you tighten the bolts, and it’s done.”

Selecting Victaulic HDPE system solutions enabled Canyon Rock Inc. to complete the aggregate processing system in just two days. The use of prefabrication along with the onsite flexibility of the Victaulic system allowed the team to complete the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule while reducing the total installed cost on the project.