GLP Jizhou Intelligent Logistics Industry Park Project

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Project Type: Distribution Center / Warehouse
Owner: GLP China
Contractor: China Jiangsu Construction Group Corp.
Pipe Material:
  • Carbon Steel - Galvanized
Pipe Size:

¼ - 2” / DN8 – DN50

Location: North Asia
  • Cost and Schedule Certainty
  • Energy Savings and Emission Reductions
  • Fire Suppression
  • Reliability
  • Storage Application

Recently, the rapid ecommerce growth in China has driven a substantial increase in logistic demands of related industries, subsequently, the modernization of large-scale warehouse logistics centers is picking up pace constantly. Attention must be drawn to the fact that, with thousands of goods stacked together in sites, the seed of fire hazard can be easily sown with the slightest neglect. Therefore, the integration of a reliable fire safety system is of paramount importance.

To construct a comprehensive, efficient and reliable fire safety system, GLP Jizhou Intelligent Logistics Park adopts Victaulic Fire Sprinkler System – Firelock™ CMSA Upright Sprinkler V4603, which is dedicated to the special application scenario of warehouse. The industrial park are located in Tianjin in North China, where the temperature is low in winters, while the water inside sprinkler pipes is static and more susceptible to freezing in winter than other types of water supply pipes, therefore, equipping heat-preserving and anti-freezing facilities to the pipe system should be considered in advance.

This would be a substantial sum for project construction of the logistic industrial park, while Victaulic V4603 sprinklers can save the owner of the trouble, as they can achieve good adaption to pre-action systems and function well without addition of heating and heat-preserving facilities. To some extent, they can save both the cost for procurement of heat-preserving and anti-freezing facilities at early stage and future cost of heating, bringing hefty economic benefit to the owner; besides, they are also helpful in reducing power consumption of the building, achieving the targets of energy saving and emission reduction.

Compared with equivalent projects, GLP Jizhou Intelligent Logistics Park is of larger scale, with a floor area up to 205,000 square meters, including 12 high-standard warehouses and 2 buildings for electromechanical equipment. When selecting the fire sprinkler system for a site of such a huge space, not only should the spray strength be high, but also the coverage should be wide. V4603 sprinklers can live up to the environment with a high clearance up to 12m; need less system pressure (only 7psi) under the same flow factor, which can at the same time deliver big-diameter water drops and significantly reduce total water consumption of the system. Hence, those two problems, namely, spray strength and total water consumption of the system, have been readily solved, delivering highly efficient operation hands down.

More than 22,000 sets of V4603 CMSA sprinklers have been put into use for the project, which have all been installed, and validated as planned. According to comments from the Site Installation Manager for the project , Victaulic Fire Sprinkler System has provided firm guarantee for fire safety of GLP logistic industrial park. The rate of first time through is 100% for product validation, and no quality issues such as breakage, damage happened during construction and installation.

Meanwhile, in addition to the advantage enjoyed by V4603 sprinklers at early stages of product delivery and installation, positive feedback also received at the stage of pressure test after installation. As required by the industrial specification, strength and sealing tests and validation should be performed for fire protection pipes after their installation, and no leakage nor damage detected in the whole Victaulic sprinkler system. Again, the Site Installation Manager for the project endorsed Victaulic that its system has laid solid foundation for on-time completion of the project. He also looked forward to more in-depth cooperation with the trust-worthy brand of Victaulic in future, so as to guarantee all-round safety for Jizhou Intelligent Logistics Park and more.