New Madrid Power Plant

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Project Type: Coal-Fired Plant
Owner: Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.
Engineer: -
Contractor: Enerfab Midwest
Pipe Material:
  • Carbon Steel - Galvanized
Pipe Size: 2” – 8”/ DN50-DN200
Location: Conran, MT, USA

The New Madrid Power Plant, located in Marston, Missouri, is a 1300 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station that aims to provide affordable and reliable power supply to member systems. The two 600-MW coal-fired units use about 400,000 gallons per minute of water from the Mississippi River for cooling. After being filtered to remove debris, 99% of the used water is returned to the river in as good or better condition as before, as permitted by regulatory agencies.

The potable water system is critical to operations, so when sporadic leaks began to compromise system integrity, Associated Electric began evaluating options for making upgrades to enhance system reliability.

Enerfab partnered with Victaulic to find the solutions that they needed to join the galvanized carbon steel pipe. The project was value engineered through the use of prefabrication efforts that streamlined the work. Additionally, the Victaulic VDC Team supported and enhanced Enerfab’s resources and knowledge base.

Throughout the potable water piping system, Victaulic’s solutions were utilized on the galvanized carbon steel pipe. Solutions such as Victaulic QuickVic™ Small Diameter Installation-Ready couplings and Style 99 Plain End Couplings were able to expedite the pipe joining process for this project. The Victaulic solutions allowed Enerfab to achieve 50% labor savings when compared to socket-welded carbon steel.


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