Park Creek Sewage Treatment Plant

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Project Type: Treatment Plant
Owner: The Township of Horsham Sewer Authority
Engineer: Gilmore & Associates
Contractor: Worth & Company
Pipe Material:
  • Ductile Iron (AWWA)
Pipe Size: 4” – 12”/DN100-DN300
Location: Horsham, PA, USA
  • Minimized Footprint
  • Simplified System Maintenance

The Park Creek Sewage Treatment Plant consisted of an upgrade and expansion to the existing Horsham Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant began operating in August 1991 and needed to be expanded by 1997 to accommodate additional capacity.

By 2014, additional expansion efforts resulted in the almost total reconstruction of the treatment plant. The expansion project included several new building additions, including an A20 building and tank, maintenance and centrifuge facility as well as a new clarifier, flocculation tank, and clarifier splitter box. The plant was evaluated based on the future wastewater needs of Horsham Township and designed so that future plant expansions could be sized accordingly.

Throughout the facility, a wide variety of Victaulic’s solutions for the infrastructure market were utilized. This included the use of grooved couplings, fittings, and valves. The couplings’ and valves’ design, materials, and testing conforms to the requirements of AWWA for water and wastewater treatment services.

The Victaulic solutions on this project eliminated the need for dismantling joints which allowed for a reduction in the system footprint and total install cost. Additionally, future system expansion and system maintenance are possible through the grooved design of the couplings and the valves. In this system, the Style 31, Series 317 Valve, and Style 365 Valve provide valve engineered benefits to the Park Creek Sewage Treatment Plant. Because the grooved design provides a union at every joint, it allows for the ease of access for operations tasks and the flexibility for future expansion.


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