Project Partnership at Saltwater Disposal Facility in Louisiana

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Project Type: Saltwater Disposal Facility
  • Fabrication
  • Virtual Design & Construction
Pipe Material:
  • HDPE
Pipe Size: 2'' - 6''/ DN50-DN150
Location: Frierson, LA, USA
  • Compressed Construction Schedule
  • Ease of Installation

When a North American oil and gas company was looking to break ground on a new saltwater disposal (SWD) facility in Frierson, LA, they knew that they wanted to partner with a manufacturer with full project capabilities, from design through installation. The expertise of Victaulic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and the speed and reliability of Victaulic system solutions made them the clear choice for this project.

In order to complete the facility on time and on budget, the owner chose to utilize Victaulic VDC on the project. The VDC team provided design services, bills of material creation, estimating, and material coordination and tracking. These services facilitated a condensed construction schedule, with the Victaulic systems installed within 7 days.

Along with expedited project completion, the customer wanted to ensure that their systems were protected against corrosion, were easy to install and maintain, and promoted safety and efficiency onsite. For these reasons, they turned to Victaulic HDPE System Solutions, Series 727 Ball Valves, Series 700 Butterfly Valves, Series 712 Check Valves, along with Victaulic Style 107N Installation-Ready™ couplings.

By utilizing a full Victaulic mechanically joined solution, no hot permits were required, fusing was eliminated, and the site was safeguarded against leaks, as Victaulic joints are visually verified for proper installation. By choosing to partner with Victaulic, the SWD site installation was completed in just seven days, an effort that would have taken over a month with welded steel and fused HDPE pipe. The customer has the assurance that the Victaulic systems installed are both reliable and easy to maintain.