Roosevelt Elementary School Project

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Project Type: K -12 / Primary School
Owner: Hays Unified School District
Engineer: Integrated Consulting Engineer
Contractor: Glassman Corporation
  • Virtual Design & Construction
Pipe Material:
  • PVC / CPVC
Location: Hays, Kansas, USA
  • Compressed Construction Schedule
  • Confined Space Installation
  • Cost and Schedule Certainty
  • Ease of Installation
  • Minimized Footprint
  • On-site Training & Support
  • Retrofit
  • Simplified System Maintenance

In 2020, the Hays Unified School District kicked off the $21.3 million renovation of Roosevelt Elementary School. The scope of work included replacing the school’s aging HVAC system, originally installed in the 1960s, duringsummer break. Contractor Glassman Corporation partnered with Integrated Consulting Engineers and Victaulic to develop a plan for quick installation while maximizing available space and upgrading the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall system.

Victaulic Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) stepped in to develop a layout of the boiler room that allowed Glassman Corporation and Integrated Consulting Engineer to identify tie-in and penetration points, maximize labor efficiency and quickly verify proper installation throughout the project. 

All parties collaborated to replace the old wall-mounted unit ventilators with new water source heat pumps, a cooling tower, a high-efficiency boiler, heat exchangers, two-pipe loop systems, and ductwork. Victaulic manual balancing valves paired with digital controls in 44 unique zones provide Roosevelt Elementary School teachers direct control over the temperature of their classrooms. The VDC model maximized the building’s existing space to reduce ductwork by placing the new chiller condensing unit on the roof and the chiller evaporator in the boiler room.

Glassman Corporation utilized a pipe material they hadn’t worked with before: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) after consulting with Victaulic. The material is more resistant to corrosion and deterioration compared to galvanized stainless steel and costs a fraction of the price. With extensive experience working with diverse piping materials, the Victaulic team was able to provide additional support training the installation team. 

Victaulic grooved solutions and VDC support enabled Glassman Corporation and Integrated Consulting Engineers to streamline installation and deliver the project by the target completion date. The energy-efficient, water-cooled system will allow occupants to comfortably enjoy the learning environment for years to come.

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