Stockholm Drinking Water Network

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Project Type: Distribution Pipeline
Owner: -
Engineer: Sweco and Alvenius
Contractor: Björnbergsrör
Pipe Material:
  • Carbon Steel
  • Coated / Lined
Pipe Size: 8-20"
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Accommodate for Angular Deflection
  • Compressed Construction Schedule
  • Confined Space Installation
  • Ease of Installation
  • Reliability

Victaulic partnered with Alvenius to deliver the drinking water pipelines for a project in Stockholm, Sweden. The project consisted of DN200 and DN500 water pipelines installed underground as part of an expansion of the Stockholm drinking water network.

The project stakeholders chose the Victaulic system as they could provide smaller dimensions on the pipes while still maintaining flow, lowering their energy costs, as well as pipeline adaptability. The project used Alvenius thin-walled thermoplastic coated pipes along with Victaulic Advanced Groove System (AGS) and Original Groove System (OGS) solutions to complete the system.

Additionally, Victaulic was easier to install in a confined space. Victaulic flexible couplings provide angular deflection at each pipe joint, enabling the contractors to eliminate additional bends and reduce overall material cost. In addition, Victaulic couplings are up to five times faster to install than alternative joining methods, allowing for quick installations that resulted in an accelerated construction schedule. Victaulic couplings are installed without the use of flame or fume, eliminating fire hazards. The Victaulic solutions created a safer and more sustainable installation.

Comprised of two housings, bolts and nuts, and a gasket, the AGS couplings were installed using a standard impact wrench. The ability to visually verify a correctly installed joint by ensuring bolt pad to bolt pad contact gave the contractor confidence about the durability and longevity of the new installation for the DN500 distribution line.

The installers indicated they saved around 30% or more in time savings compared to traditional systems. Stockholm Vatten has adopted the Victaulic system and solutions in water pipeline projects and has expanded to other water municipalities within Sweden.