West Belleview Pump Station Surge Tank

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Project Type: Pump Station
Owner: Denver Water
Engineer: Denver Water
Contractor: Velocity
  • Movement Design
Pipe Material:
  • Carbon Steel
Pipe Size: 26”/ DN650
Location: Littleton, CO, USA
  • Accommodate for Settlement
  • Construction Modularization
  • Design Flexibility
  • Ease of Installation

Denver Water has 18 potable water, three recycled water, and two raw water pump stations in various locations throughout their distribution system, with a capability of pumping more than 1 billion gallons of water per day. Victaulic partnered with Denver Water to install a surge tank on the Belleview Pump Station.

The new surge tank utilized a 26’’ buried pipeline, and engineers anticipated that it would see approximately 2” of settlement. To accommodate this movement, Denver Water selected the Style W257 Dynamic Movement Joint.

Engineered to accommodate in-service dynamic movement, the Victaulic Style W257 was the ideal choice for this installation, eliminating the need for tie rods which would have been required for a sleeve type coupling solution. Additionally, there were space restrictions between the new tank and the existing pipeline, making the smaller footprint of the Style W257 the best solution. The Victaulic Style W257 is a fully restrained joint and does not require the need for an M11 harness to restrain. This allowed the Victaulic W257 to be ideal for the space restrictions and provide inherent value engineering to the project.

Velocity, the contractor, was satisfied with the ease of ordering and installing the differential settlement solution for this project because the Victaulic W257 is a pre-engineered catalog item. It was their preferred solution to standard C219 couplings with M11 harnesses, which have to be fully designed, fabricated as a specialty item, and require days to install.

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