Increased Installation Confidence and Outstanding Fabrication Value

We’ve adapted our innovative technology to bring you unparalleled performance and an even higher degree of confidence in the best coupling ever built.

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Greater Speed, Greater Value, and Greater Reliability

The QuickVic™ System Delivers

  • Quick, no hassle installs.
  • Unmatched installation confidence.
  • Outstanding value in a lighter, more efficient design.

The Best Coupling Ever Built: Style 107V Rigid Coupling

Shift Limiting Slant Pads lock up to provide unmatched rigidity and visual verification.

The Best Coupling Ever Built:
Style 107V Rigid Coupling

One Touch Tightening for easier, streamlined installation. The first and only coupling designed for high-performance impact guns.

Torque Absorber safeguards against over-torquing so you install with confidence.

Increases reliability by delivering a higher level of joint confidence through fast, easy and complete visual inspection.

Experience the Difference for Yourself!

Our Most Efficient Design: QuickVic™ Fittings

Fabrication Value
Delivering maximum spool value

Compact, Full-flow Design
High performance efficient design for use in tight spaces to eliminate interferences

Up to 50% lighter in weight for improved material handling and increased safety

Experience the Speed

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to install the Style 107V Rigid Coupling.

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