Series 725T Diverter Valve

Taking backfill engineering and innovation to new levels with 4-way diverter valve technology


BACKFILL. FLUSH WATER DIVERSION. DUMPING. Victaulic provides it all in a fully enclosed, compact, and powerful design. The Series 725T Diverter Valve includes two backfill outlets and a third drain outlet for flush water diversion or backfill dumping.


Designed for either manual operation or remote actuation, the Series 725T enables mines to quickly and easily divert paste and dump backfill in the event of a blockage. Eliminate manual diversion and mitigate the risk of costly damage to bore holes and upstream piping with a grooved end valve designed for quick installation and optimized operation.


Safety. Efficiency. Reliability.

Increase Site Safety

  • Installed with (4) Victaulic mechanical coupling connections using simple hand tools
  • Eliminates manual underground diversion
  • Fully enclosed design mitigates risk of external leaks or spray

Reduce System Downtime and Maintenance

  • Proven to handle over 2 million tons of paste without maintenance
  • Remote valve control allows system to continue backfill and diversion during shift changes
  • Coupling connections enable quick access to valve for maintenance and repair
  • Designed with 4D bend radius for smooth and continuous wear

Protect Upstream Piping and Bore Holes

  • Valve includes dedicated drain port for backfill dumping and flush water diversion
  • Dump port engineered with tapered design to reduce pipe stress due to system hammering

Increase Mine Productivity

  • Enables quick and efficient diversion, filling stopes faster
  • Multiple actuation options available to automate backfill operations
  • Small profile design for ease of installation in underground environments

Experience Victaulic's 4-Way Diverter Valve Technology