Vic-Press™ for Schedule 10S Stainless Steel Systems

The Vic-Press™ system is designed to  provide a fast, easy method of joining off-the-shelf Schedule 10S pipe. Providing up to 3X superior strength, 2X superior durability and up to 52% improved flow over thin-walled tube, nothing else compares.

Once pressed, Vic-Press couplings, valves and fittings create a positive mechanical interlock, engaging the pipe to create a permanent joint rated for 500psi/3450kPa

  • ½” – 2"/DN15 - DN50 Types 304(L) and 316(L) stainless steel pipe
  • Flameless, simple and durable
  • Rated up to 500 psi/3450 kPa
Vic-Press™ for Schedule 10S Stainless Steel Systems

Quick, easy and safe installation and maintenance


Does not require special pipe


Vic-Press seals are pre-lubricated, no additional lubrication is required for installation


Meets ASME B31.1, B31.3, and B31.9 systems

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