Resource Number Downloads Collection
Style 606 Coupling for Copper Submittal 22.02
FireLock™ Model V4996 Submittal 40.93
Series UM Globe Universal Manifold Assembly Submittal GFV-125
FireLock™ Model V4902 Submittal 40.92
FireLock™ Models V4001/V4002 Submittal 40.66
FireLock™ Model V4802 Submittal 40.91
Australian Standard Copper Products Submittal – 608N-AS Discontinued 22.10_608NAS_DISCONTINUED
RG2000 Roll Grooving Tools Manual TM-RG2000
QuickVic™ Flexible Coupling Style 177 Installation Manual I-177
FireLock™ Model V4702 Submittal 40.89
FireLock™ Models V2753 and V2754 Conventional Sprinkler Submittal 40.27
FireLock™ Models V2601/V2603 Submittal 40.73
Copper Connection System Design Data 22.01
VicFlex™ Series AH5 Corrugated Hose Submittal 10.89
Pressfit Products Installation and Assembly Manual I-500
Pressfit Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe System Submittal 18.02
Pressfit Type 316 Stainless Steel Pipe System Submittal 18.01
Vic-Ring Coupling Style 22 Submittal 16.02
K16.8 Early Suppression, Fast Response (ESFR) Pendent Storage Model V4404 Submittal 40.86
K14.0 Early Suppression, Fast Response (ESFR) Pendent Storage Model V4402 Submittal 40.82
FireLock™ Actuated System with Deluge Trim Series 758-D Installation Manual I-758D
FireLock™ Actuated System with Preaction Trim Series 758 Submitta 30.05
FireLock™ Alarm Check Valve Series 759 Submittal 30.02
FireLock™ Dry Accelerator Series 746 & 746-LPA with Series 756 and 758 Installation Manual I-746-746-LPA
FireLock™ Models V2730/V2732 Submittal 40.41
FireLock™ Models V2734/V2736 Submittal 40.42
FireLock™ Riser Manifold Assembly Series 747 Installation Manual I-747
FireLock EZ™ Vic Rigid Coupling Style 009/Style 009V Submittal 10.60
FireLock™ Butterfly Valve Series 705W Submittal 10.18
FireLock™ Actuated System Deluge Trim Series 758 Installation Manual I-758D-LPA