Resource Number Downloads Collection
RMRS – Style 489, Style 475, Style 77DX 21.20090.143
Bureau Veritas Maritime Approval – 001, 002, 003, 006 41955/B0 BV
Bureau Veritas Maritime Approval – Style W07/W77 45703_A3 BV
Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Maritime Type Approval – Style 107N TAP00001HV
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/NZ Directional Nozzles Submittal 47.03
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/NZ Foam Nozzles Submittal 47.02
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/NZ Window Nozzle Submittal 47.01
FireLock™ Automatic Sprinklers Poster – Metric Sprinkler_Poster_Metric
FireLock™ Automatic Sprinklers Poster – Imperial Sprinkler_Poster
UL Listing: Globe Concealed Sprinklers Using Victaulic Marked Cover Plates UL_Victaulic_Globe_Concealed_CoverPlate
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/GAP and FL-SA/BB Specific Application Back-To-Back Attic Protection Scheme Submittal 46.03
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/DS and FL-SA/RE Specific Application Low Flow Attic Scheme Submittal 46.02
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST/INT Sprinklers Submittal 44.71
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/CNV Sprinklers Submittal 41.54
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/CNV Sprinklers Submittal 41.04
Victaulic Thermally Diffused Zinc Coating Data Sheet TB-908
FireLock™ Series FL-RES/C Sprinklers Submittal 43.03
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/DRY/VSW Sprinklers Submittal 45.55
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/DRY/ST Sprinkler Submittal 45.54
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/DRY/VSW Sprinklers Submittal 45.05
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/DRY/ST Sprinkler Submittal 45.04
FireLock™ Series FL-QR Sprinklers Submittal 41.01
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST/CMSA Upright Sprinkler Submittal 44.62
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST/CMSA Pendent Sprinkler Submittal 44.61
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST Sprinklers Submittal 44.51
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/INT Sprinklers Submittal 44.21
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/ESFR Sprinklers Submittal (K25.2 | 36.8 SI) 44.13
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/ESFR Sprinklers Submittal (K22.4 | 32.0 SI) 44.12
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/ESFR Sprinkler Submittal (K16.8 | 24.25 SI) 44.11
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST Sprinklers Submittal 44.01