Resource Number Downloads Collection
RG2910 Roll Grooving Tool Submittal 24.21
Series W710 AGS Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Submittal 20.25
Domestic Water Kits for Hydronic Balancing Submittal 08.75
Style W489 AGS Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling Submittal 20.17
TA Series 790 Balancing Valve for Potable Water Applications Submittal 08.59
TA Series 7TZ Therm Zero Valve for Potable Water Applications Submittal 08.58
Series UM Universal Manifold Assembly Submittal 30.71
Series UTD Universal Test and Drain Submittal 30.73
Series FTV Flow Test Valve Submittal 30.75
Series ARV Adjustable Relief Valve Submittal 30.74
Style 156 Mining Header Submittal 52.02
ASME B31.9 Building Services Piping Code (2020) Compliance Vic-Press® for Schedule 10S 18.18
VicFlex™ Series AQD Braided Flexible Hose Assemblies for Metal Ducts Submittal 10.77
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/NZ Directional Nozzles Submittal 47.03
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/NZ Foam Nozzles Submittal 47.02
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/NZ Window Nozzle Submittal 47.01
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/GAP and FL-SA/BB Specific Application Back-To-Back Attic Protection Scheme Submittal 46.03
FireLock™ Series FL-SA/DS and FL-SA/RE Specific Application Low Flow Attic Scheme Submittal 46.02
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST/INT Sprinklers Submittal 44.71
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/CNV Sprinklers Submittal 41.54
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/CNV Sprinklers Submittal 41.04
FireLock™ Series FL-RES/C Sprinklers Submittal 43.03
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/DRY/VSW Sprinklers Submittal 45.55
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/DRY/ST Sprinkler Submittal 45.54
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/DRY/VSW Sprinklers Submittal 45.05
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/DRY/ST Sprinkler Submittal 45.04
FireLock™ Series FL-QR Sprinklers Submittal 41.01
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST/CMSA Upright Sprinkler Submittal 44.62
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST/CMSA Pendent Sprinkler Submittal 44.61
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/ST Sprinklers Submittal 44.51