Resource Number Downloads Collection
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/INT Sprinklers Submittal 44.21
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/ESFR Sprinklers Submittal (K25.2 | 36.8 SI) 44.13
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/ESFR Sprinklers Submittal (K22.4 | 32.0 SI) 44.12
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST/ESFR Sprinkler Submittal (K16.8 | 24.25 SI) 44.11
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/ST Sprinklers Submittal 44.01
FireLock™ Series FL-RES/DC Sprinkler Submittal 43.04
FireLock™ Series FL-RES/SW Sprinklers Submittal 43.02
FireLock™ Series FL-RES Sprinklers Submittal 43.01
FireLock™ Series FL-ECOH Sprinklers Submittal 42.51
FireLock™ Series FL-ECLH/C Sprinklers Submittal 42.04
FireLock™ Series FL-ECLH/SWDC Sprinklers Submittal 42.03
FireLock™ Series FL-ECLH/SW Sprinklers Submittal 42.02
FireLock™ Series FL-ECLH Sprinklers Submittal 42.01
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/EUR Sprinklers Submittal 41.55
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/C Sprinklers Submittal 41.53
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/SW Sprinklers Submittal 41.52
FireLock™ Series FL-SR Sprinklers Submittal 41.51
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/EUR Sprinklers Submittal 41.05
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/C Sprinklers Submittal 41.03
FireLock™ Series FL-QR/SW Sprinklers Submittal 41.02
Series 122 Installation-Ready™ Rubber-Lined Butterfly Valve with Aluminum Bronze Disc Submittal 08.32
No. A20 Carbon Steel Heavy Riser Anchor Submittal 07.72
Nos. 893C, 893H, 894C and 894H Steam and Condensate Riser Drip Legs Submittal 100.15
Nos. 891C, 891H, 892C and 892H Steam and Condensate In-Line Drip Legs Submittal 100.14
ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code (2020) Compliance Vic-Press® for Schedule 10S 18.17
ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code (2020) Compliance Vic-Press® for Schedule 10S 18.16
Victaulic VL001 (Safety Data Sheet) – Mexico Only 05.11-MX
Nos. 100F, R100F, 100G and R100G Base Support Elbows Submittal 07.13
Series 387/388 Modular Dual Pump Skids Submittal 102.87
FireLock™ Series FL-SR/DRY/C Sprinklers Submittal 45.53