Resource Number Downloads Collection
JIS Steel Pipe Grooving Specifications 25.08
IGS™ Groove Specifications 25.14
Hole Cutting Specifications 25.07
Grooved System Design Data 06.01
Grooved Piping for Vacuum Services Design Data 26.09
Grooved Piping System Design Data 26.01
Groove Dimensions for Rubber Lining for Corrosive Services 25.10
Gaskets and Seals Chemical Services Guide – Long Report GSG-100
FireLock™ Expansion Plate for Recessed Sprinklers Design Data 40.84
Fabricated Steel Fittings Design Data 07.04
EndSeal™ Groove Specifications 25.02
Double Cut Groove Specifications 25.04
Copper Products Design Data 22.06
Copper Groove Dimensions (US/DIN/BS/AS) 25.06
Copper Connection System Design Data 22.01
Aquamine™ Engineering Design Data 50.02
AWWA Grooved System Design Data 23.01
Accomodating Pipe Line Thermal Growth for StrengThin™ 100 Piping Systems for Thin Wall Stainless Steel Pipe 31.08
Corrosion Resistant Sprinklers Technical Data TB-900
FireLock™ Sprinkler Coating Data Sheet TB-901 TB-901
FireLock™ Storage Sprinkler Design Guide 40.99
FireLock™ Sprinkler Head Guards Design Data 40.83
Victaulic Grooved Couplings Performance Data for PVC Pipe 32.01
Fire Alarm Control Panel PDRP-2001 Wiring Tips 30.45
Pressure Ratings and End Loads for Aluminum Pipe 21.04
Copper Testing Data 22.07
Stainless Steel Pipe Preparation Guide 17.01
Vic-Ring System Design Data 16.01
Plain End Steel System Technical Data 14.01
Expansion Joint Installation Design Data 09.06