Five Reasons to Explore Manufacturing Careers

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Five Reasons to Explore Manufacturing Careers

Posted on October 4, 2019

Jobs in the manufacturing industry are on the rise, with a high demand for skilled workers to fill thousands of open positions around the world. How can manufacturers engage the next generation to consider manufacturing career paths? Read on to discover five reasons to explore modern manufacturing, inspired by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute’s Creators Wanted campaign.


Five reasons to explore modern manufacturing


  • Manufacture your future and shape the world

Innovation is the key to success in any industry. In manufacturing, it is critical to ensure productivity is optimized so products can arrive to the customer quickly and with upmost quality. For that reason, manufacturing professionals have the unique opportunity to work with advanced technology on a regular basis, from 3D printing to robotics and more.


  • Manufacturing professionals utilize their advanced skills to make the next big thing

Doers and creators in the manufacturing industry around the world can collaborate using the latest technologies. From technical schools to apprenticeships to on-the-job training, manufacturing professionals are equipped to invent and assemble leading products used today but more importantly, the products of tomorrow.


  • The manufacturing industry is growing and adapting to modern times

In the United States, 8.5% of the workforce holds a job in manufacturing with a total of 12.82 million positions reported by the National Association of Manufacturers. This number is anticipated to grow by 4.6 million in the next decade and other countries are expecting relative growth. Modern manufacturing is taking the industry by storm, with many employees shifting from the old shop floors into offices and state-of-the-art tech centers and cells.


  • Making a difference is not only encouraged, it’s inevitable for manufacturers

Era-defining products such as smartphones, self-driving cars, and the QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System would not be available without skilled manufacturing professionals driving success through world-class practices. Whatever the sector, manufacturing is critical to the evolution of technology.


  • The manufacturing industry is a wealth of opportunities

As the demand for a skilled workforce increases, manufacturers are responding by incentivizing candidates with clear paths toward career growth and generous financial compensation, with average annual salary packages of more than $80,000. At every level, opportunities for advancement are discussed and explored, making the manufacturing industry a life-long career path.


Want to learn more about manufacturing career opportunities? Check out the stories of 20 modern manufacturers or visit Victaulic’s careers site for all open manufacturing positions.

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