Partnership Drives Mining Technology Improvements

Mining Technology Improvements with Victaulic

Partnership Drives Mining Technology Improvements

Posted on January 18, 2021

The global mining market is driven by collaboration and partnership in innovation. Whether this comes from receiving feedback from miners themselves to develop new technologies or partnerships between manufacturers that fuel industry-wide improvements, partnership in innovation is at the heart of the mining industry’s progress.

At Victaulic, we place partnership in innovation at the core of our values, challenging ourselves to develop innovative, robust, and higher-performing solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and the mining industry at large. This collaborative approach was recently showcased as Victaulic partnered with Backfill Pipeline Solutions to develop a cutting-edge joining solution for Steel Reinforced Composite Polyethylene (SRCP) pipe.


Commonly used in mining operations in Australia, SRCP pipe offers the lightweight, abrasion-resistant characteristics of poly pipe, with the enhanced strength and pressure-performance of steel. Traditionally, SRCP pipes are supplied with flanged-end connections forcing pipes to be installed using countless bolts and nuts, resulting in time-consuming, heavy, and unsafe installation. However, Backfill Pipeline Solutions, a leader in innovation within the Australian backfill market, developed a grooved-end SRCP option that dramatically reduces pipe weight, decreases installation time, and improves site safety. They quickly enlisted the team at Victaulic to put this innovative pipe technology to the test with the world’s leading mechanical joining technology.

“When working with pipe underground, it’s all about weight. The weight of the pipe makes a huge difference in the safety and speed of installation. SRCP pipe joined by Victaulic couplings is ideal for all backfill systems and mine dewatering services. It excels in all underground mining operations due to its lightweight and ease of installation.”


Using grooved-end SRCP pipe supplied by Backfill Pipeline Solutions, Victaulic conducted an in-depth testing regime consisting of short term hydrostatic, cyclic pressure, and end-pull allowable tensile load tests with Victaulic Style HP-70ES high-pressure couplings.

The results were impressive. Victaulic grooved-end couplings and fittings withstood a one-off test pressure of 22,400kPa, which is double the published pressure rating of Style HP-70ES couplings*.

“Victaulic solutions are unique because of their high level of quality.  The industry trusts Victaulic because of the strict engineering and quality control processes that go into all R&D development, including our collaborative innovation on grooved-end SRCP pipe. Collaborating with Victaulic on this project gives the end-user total confidence in the product.” said Mat Revell, Technical Director at BPS.

The partnership in innovation between Victaulic and Backfill Pipeline Solutions improved the safety, reliability, and efficiency of SRCP installations within the mining industry. Click here to see how Victaulic partners with our customers to provide innovative solutions for the most extreme applications.

*Pressure ratings published for Style HP-70ES couplings are based on standard weight pipe. See publication 06.13.

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