Value of Victaulic Valves in the Infrastructure Markets

Victaulic’s AWWA Valves are Value Added to an Water Infrastructure Systems

Value of Victaulic Valves in the Infrastructure Markets

Posted on May 5th, 2020

Victaulic is the world leader in pipe joining and flow control solutions. Often, Victaulic is only affiliated with “pipe joining.” Couplings are just one of the solutions that Victaulic can provide.  Not as well known, but equally important, Victaulic is also a world leader of “flow control” solutions.  In addition to couplings and fittings, Victaulic offers a full range of valve offerings for commercial, fire, mining, and other industries, including the water, wastewater, and power industries.

Grooved History of Victaulic Valves

In 1919, Victaulic began to offer the world “pipe joining” solutions. In the 1940s, Victaulic expanded its offerings by providing “flow control” solutions, with eccentric plug valves.  Victaulic expanded and diversified its valve offerings as the company continued to grow to add resilient seated butterfly valves.

Today, Victaulic offers a full complement of valves featuring the butterfly, check, ball, triple service, hydronic balancing, alarm, control, air, gate, knife gate,  plug, and more.  The valve offerings are available in a variety of industry compliant wear-resistant materials and coatings to satisfy countless piping application requirements.

Victaulic’s valves are engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance, superior flow control, ease of installation and maintenance, and durable, long-lasting reliability.

Victaulic Infrastructure Valves

In the Water and Wastewater market, municipalities must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). AWWA’s main goal is to ensure safe and clean water. With this goal in mind, the AWWA has created strict standards to which pipe joining products for water and wastewater treatment services must conform to. Victaulic’s extensive range of valves, couplings, and fittings include a product line designed specifically to meet the standards set forth by AWWA.

Benefits of Victaulic Valves

There are many benefits that Victaulic valves can provide to the water, wastewater, and power industries. These benefits include ease of installation and maintenance, reducing overall costs, reliability, increased safety, and improving construction schedules. The images below display the physical differences between a grooved system and a flanged system.


Shortened Construction Schedule

The grooved technology encompassed by the Victaulic valves requires fewer bolts and nuts than flanged options. Unlike flanged valves, Victaulic grooved end valves can be installed as prefabricated pipe spools in the field. In many instances, grooved valves can be installed up to 3x faster than flanged connections. Compared to other methods, Victaulic valves can reduce installation time by up to 83%.

Increased Job Site Safety

Most importantly, the design of Victaulic grooved end valves allows for increased job site safety. Victaulic grooved end valves are uniquely designed to function as a part of the mechanical pipe joining system. Victaulic valves weigh considerably less than multi-bolt wafer or lug type flanged valves. Victaulic butterfly valves can reduce the overall valve weight by up to 60%. Additionally, Victaulic valves also minimize the number of lifted or rigged loads.

Grooved Product

Reduction in Total Installation Costs

Additionally, the simplicity of the grooved design requires minimal equipment during the installation process. The installation of Victaulic’s valves can occur in countless environments, including in tight/confined places. The labor required and variety of installation environments can create substantial savings during the installation process. Victaulic’s grooved end valves can reduce installation costs by up to 30%.

Reduction in System Footprint

Due to the groove technology and design of the products, Victaulic’s valves can reduce the footprint in the system. Victaulic grooved end valves eliminate the need for dismantling joints. Additionally, the valves reduce the total number of joints necessary to run and maintain the system. This is due explicitly to the use of grooved couplings within the system to aid in alignment during installation, handle dynamic movement needs, reducing stress on the system, handle vibration and attenuation, support seismic conditions, and are fully self-restrained. These features eliminate the need for secondary expansion compensation and restraining products.  All of these benefits are provided by the inherent design and composition of the grooved joints.

Simplified Maintenance

Other valve offerings are integrated into a system through methods such as flanging or welding. In flanging or welding situations, maintenance on the valve or piping system can be time-consuming and costly. Through the grooved technology, Victaulic valves allow easy access into any system, allowing for faster system maintenance. Victaulic couplings and valves provide a union at every joint, allowing for easy access to the system and flexibility for future system expansion. Maintenance, repair and operation tasks such as cleaning strainers, mucking valves, or pigging lines can be easily accomplished. In these situations, ease of access can help to save both time and money.

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