Prioritize functionality and life safety, without compromising modern airport design.

Airport terminals are departing from boring, dark designs and shifting focus to customer-centered spaces that promote flyers’ wellbeing, incorporating high ceilings, modern architecture, natural lighting, unique amenities and outdoor spaces that blend design and functionality. The next generation of airports are being built with flexibility in mind and future-focused designs are poised to accommodate evolving technologies and customer needs. Stay ahead of the curve with adaptable mechanical and fire protection solutions that support your design goals while keeping you on schedule and on budget.

For you this means:

  • Safer, faster, flame-free installation
  • Systems designed with precision and flexibility
  • Engineered piping movement solutions
  • Futureproof infrastructure design

Victaulic has been a trusted strategic partner on numerous new airport construction projects and airport design upgrades across the globe. Our proactive and collaborative approach through each phase of the project life cycle from preconstruction planning to BIM, engineered piping movement design services, prefabrication, and installation minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency.

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Values & Solutions

Safety & Efficiency

  • No hazardous fumes or open flames
  • No hot-works means minimal disruptions to the customer experience
  • Installation Ready™ Technology is faster than welding and flanging


  • Futureproof system designs to accommodate evolving technologies and customer needs
  • Grooved technology for easier maintenance, reconfiguration and expansion
  • Flexible solutions support modern architectural design

Accommodating for Movement

  • Vibration attenuation
  • Seismic movement
  • Thermal expansion and contraction
  • Structural design support