Sports and Entertainment

Harness efficiency, ingenuity and system reliability, from Olympic stadiums to local sports arenas.

Sports stadium and arena projects feature some of the most complex and innovative designs yet face highly compressed construction timelines dictated by strict seasonal deadlines, particularly when your project is tracking for completion by MLB Opening Day, or the kickoff of the NFL season. Whether you’re tackling a new design, retrofit, or system upgrade, highly adaptable grooved solutions paired with a total project partnership approach ensures streamlined deliveries and faster installation, crucial benefits when faced with limited laydown space in urban city centers.

For you this means:

  • Safer, faster, flame-free installation
  • Adaptable designs for unique architecture
  • Visual verification and inspection from the ground
  • Engineered piping movement solutions

Victaulic is a trusted partner for sports arenas, stadiums and entertainment venues across the globe. From Athens to Atlanta, Victaulic grooved solutions have been installed in more than 25 Olympic facilities since 1976. Our track record includes innovative, easy-to-install systems solutions for heating and cooling, potable water, fire protection and large diameter systems.

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We’ve adapted our innovative technology to bring you unparalleled performance and an even higher degree of confidence in the best coupling ever built.

Values & Solutions

Construction Efficiency

  • Compress your construction schedule with up to 10 times faster installation
  • Leverage prefabrication and BIM modeling capabilities
  • Unique Installation-Ready™ Technology
  • Modular solutions and grooved technology reduce material handling and man-hours


  • No hazardous fumes or open flames
  • Visual verification of proper installation
  • Lighter, simpler installation yields increased worker safety and productivity

Accommodating Movement

  • Attenuate noise and vibration
  • Accommodate thermal expansion and contraction
  • Control seismic movement
  • Structural design support