Deliver peace of mind with reliable, flexible solutions tailored to storage facilities of all sizes and specialties.

Storage facilities face specialized design parameters and complex heating, cooling and fire safety needs. Whether you’re designing a multi-zone facility accounting for facilities water systems or constructing cold storage or climate-controlled facilities ideal for pharmaceutical companies or restaurants and catering operations, grooved solutions help you save time, minimize risk and stay on budget.

For you this means:

  • Built-in durability, flexibility and value
  • Visual confirmation of proper installation
  • Reduced material handling
  • Fully-customizable, ready-to-install systems

Victaulic is a trusted strategic partner in storage facilities projects around the world from cold storage to climate-controlled facilities, providing extensive system knowledge and unmatched support throughout all project stages. Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) services precisely map out plumbing, heating and cooling systems and facilitate streamlined installation, while our comprehensive range of “street-to-sprinkler” fire protection product solutions engineer confidence into every build.

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Fire Protection Solutions for Storage Facilities

Values & Solutions

Risk Mitigation

  • Fewer joints reduce potential leak points
  • Gasket seal reliability
  • Full range of "street-to-sprinkler" fire protection solutions maximizes protection
  • Expertise and support throughout every stage of the project

Faster Installation

  • Grooved solutions expedite installation
  • BIM services to streamline system design
  • Reduced material handling with modular solutions and less joints
  • Installation-Ready™ Technology


  • Visual verification of proper installation
  • No open flames or hazardous fumes
  • Fewer man-hours on the job