Patient Towers

A commitment to safety, longevity, sustainability, and reduced downtime

Limited available construction space pushes the boundaries of the healthcare industry towards the sky and the ever tighter architectural designs for new builds and retrofits are putting pressure to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions that keep mechanical rooms and riser footprints to a minimum. This, together with zone control and unique fire protection requirements to guarantee patient safety, put a new set of challenges on consulting engineers and installers alike.

Victaulic solutions for patient towers help to overcome high-rise and space constraint challenges while providing reliability and durability in HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems.


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Values & Solutions

Accommodating for Movement

  • Unique solutions for riser piping
  • Anchors to help direction of movement
  • Enable movement in smaller spaces
  • Lower overall system stress
  • Eliminate space-consuming welded expansion loops

Construction Modularization

  • Easier material handling and installation
  • One single SKU
  • Attenuate noise & vibration
  • Eliminate rubber bellows
  • Reduced footprint
  • Avoid water hammer and cavitation

Fire Suppression

  • Mitigate risk of incorrect installation
  • Speed of installation with FireLock EZ  range
  • Hybrid fire suppression system for technology protection
  • Eliminate the need for threaded sprinklers
  • Easier water alarm set up and maintenance


Virtual Design & Construction

We are here to help you make your next project faster from the start. Our VDC team can support BIM projects, 3D scanning, model-based estimating, and material management.


Victaulic offers a variety of solutions that integrate seamlessly into your project based on your project needs.


Products, software, BIM, or routing, Victaulic offers customized training to fit your business needs.

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