Steam and Condensate Drip Leg Fittings

  • Manufactured drip leg with drain capabilities suitable for manual or automatic warm-up
  • Uses ¾” NPT ball valve for draining
  • In-line drip leg fittings: Nos. 891C, 891H, 892C, and 892H
  • Riser drip leg fittings: Nos. 893C, 893H, 894C, and 894H
  • Sizes from 2 – 8″ | DN50 – DN200
  • Steam applications: Pressure up to 150 psi | 1034 kPa
  • 4°F to +365°F/-20°C to +185°C
  • Features Victaulic proprietary OGS-200 groove profile
  • Regional availability, contact Victaulic for details