VE416FSD/VE417FSD Roll Grooving Tool

  • VE416FSD/VE417FSD is designed for field grooving of OGS pipe and should not be used for continuous field production grooving; For field production grooving capabilities, use a VE450FSD tool, see pg. 102
  • Groove depth adjuster allows for easy adjustment for initial groove diameter
  • Completely self-contained units with integral gear motors, safety foot switch and power cord/plug
  • The fully-motorized, semi-automatic, electrohydraulic tool comes complete with safety guards and safety foot switch
  • Power Requirements: VE416FSD is provided with 110 volt, 15 amp for integral gear motor; VE417FSD is provided with 220 volt, 8 amp service
  • Weight: 340 lbs. | 154 kg