NEWPP Central Plant

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Project Type: Treatment Plant
Owner: City of Houston
Engineer: Houston Waterworks Team (HWT) (a JV of Jacobs and CDM Smith)
Contractor: Balfour Beatty, McCarthy Building Companies
Pipe Material:
  • Carbon Steel
Pipe Size: 72 – 120”/ DN1800-3000
Location: Humble, TX, USA
  • Accommodate for Settlement
  • Accommodate for Thermal Movement
  • Noise & Vibration Attenuation

Due to decades of groundwater extraction, the state of Texas is facing major issues of land subsidence. In efforts to address the land subsidence as well as meet the increased demand for drinking water, the state has developed programs that entail projects to convert from using groundwater to using surface water.

This included three major projects in the greater Houston area. Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer Project, Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project, and the North Harris West Fort Bend Pipeline Project. These projects are all focused on utilizing water from rivers and lakes around the city of Houston for treatment and distribution.

In these systems, Victaulic has been utilized to provide solutions including dynamic movement, in the form of vibration, expansion, and contraction, and differential settlement.

The Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project specifically focuses on expanding the existing water treatment plant from 50 million gallons of water per day to 400 million gallons of water per day. Victaulic has partnered with the Houston Waterworks Team (HWT) (a JV of Jacobs and CDM Smith) to provide reliable infrastructure piping solutions. Victaulic Dynamic Movement Joints were utilized to accommodate for the expected amount of differential settlement present on site. Additional Victaulic solutions, Style W77 Flexible Couplings, and Victaulic Bolted Split Sleeve Couplings were utilized in other areas of the site to accommodate for dynamic movement.

To learn more about Victaulic’s role at the NEWPP Intake Pump Station, another critical component of the NEWPP Expansion Project, click here.

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