NEWPP Intake Pump Station

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Project Type: Pump Station
Owner: City of Houston, Texas
Engineer: Houston Waterworks Team (HWT) (a JV of Jacobs and CDM Smith)
Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies Inc
Pipe Material:
  • Carbon Steel
Pipe Size: 108" & 120”/ DN-2700-3000
Location: Houston, TX, USA
  • Accommodate for Settlement
  • Accommodate for Thermal Movement
  • Ease of Installation
  • Improved Safety

The Intake Pump Station is a critical component of the Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion Project in Houston, Texas. Water from the Trinity River is delivered as a result of the Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer Project. The NEWPP Intake Pump Station was built to pump and transport water from Lake Houston to the Northeast Water Purification Plant, located over three miles away.

In order to do this, a pump station needed to be built on Lake Houston. This consisted of a pump platform, with fourteen pumps, as well as dual 108” transmission lines extended 1000 feet over Lake Houston. The high volume of water presented to the intake structure created two key challenges for the Houston Waterworks Team (HWT) (a JV of Jacobs and CDM Smith). The startup-thrust factor, as well as the day to day expansion and contraction of the transmission lines. Each of the transmission lines will experience about one million pounds of pressure as the intake pump station starts up.

On this system, Victaulic Style 231 Bolted Split Sleeve Couplings were utilized to not only meet the project challenges but to also reduce the footprint of the design. On the dual 108” carbon steel transmission lines, the Style 231 Non-Restrained Flexible Expansion Couplings are able to accommodate the high thrust factor and movement of the system required by the Houston Waterworks Team (HWT) (a JV of Jacobs and CDM Smith). Additionally, the Victaulic Style 232 Restrained Flexible Couplings were utilized to provide future stability at the 120” cleanouts for dismantling capabilities to meet the systems design requirements.

By utilizing the Victaulic system, McCarthy was able to accommodate the needed movement, as well as reduce risks. Through expedited installation, McCarthy was able to reduce labor rates and times and mitigate the safety risk of working over a body of water for long periods of time.

Victaulic provided an innovative and reliable solution to the NEWPP Intake Pump Station that not only brought value to the owner and engineer but also supported the contractor’s efforts.

To learn more about Victaulic’s role at the NEWPP Central Plant, another critical component of the NEWPP Expansion Project, click here.


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