Mining Sustainability with Mechanical Joining

Mining Sustainability with Victaulic Mechanical Joining

Mining Sustainability with Mechanical Joining

Posted on February 3, 2021

Mining sustainability is at the heart of projects and operations around the world; from ensuring mines obtain the elusive Social License to Operate (SLO), to impacting the way a mine is constructed and maintained. Mines aspire to be responsible, environmentally conscious, to support local communities, improve the well-being of their employees, and set targets to achieve these goals. Many of these targets are outlined by the UN Global Compact, which highlights 17 goals for sustainable development.

Achieving mining sustainability goals begins with the products selected for each system within a mine. Victaulic understands this, providing solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, the local community, and the mine operators on site.

Acquiring Social License to Operate

Beginning with initial site approval, Victaulic assists with mining sustainability efforts. In many countries, for a mine to be approved for development, an SLO must be established with the community at large. Whether pipelines need to be constructed to supply water to local communities, or local labor must be used for installation and MRO, mechanical joining technology is an ideal choice. Victaulic couplings can be installed quickly and require no skilled labor, as only simple hand tools are needed to complete the installation. Should water supply pipelines and distribution systems be needed to achieve SLO, Victaulic couplings can easily be used to transport water from catchments, canals, reservoirs, or even water treatment facilities to the local communities. The couplings themselves are also reusable, allowing for quick relocation of transmission lines, while also reducing waste.

Achieving Net-Zero with Mechanical Installation

Many mines also strive for net-zero emissions. This goal is difficult to achieve if piping systems are being welded onsite. Welding requires heavy equipment on-site, producing emissions during transport and increasing carbon footprint by using electricity to run welding equipment. Oil spillage during installation and secretion of gasses during the welding process is also common. Victaulic eliminates these issues with products that require no electricity, special equipment, or oils and reduces or eliminates carbon emissions at the time of installation.

Safety and Operational Efficiency

Victaulic’s mechanical joining technology does more than eliminate emissions at the time of installation, it is also safer to install and maintain. Victaulic systems are lightweight when compared to flanges, install with fewer bolts and nuts, and can be visually verified for proper installation – resulting in less heavy lifting, no risk of leaks or failures, and less time required on site for installation and maintenance. Victaulic couplings can also be installed in any weather condition, and do not require a fire watch or pose safety risks in confined spaces. Miners and operators have confidence that their system is running efficiently and can do more work in their allotted time on site.

Mining sustainability is a goal that manufacturers and mine owners are constantly reaching for. The UN Global Compact expects this, placing “building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation,” as Goal 9.  Victaulic embraces this as we strive to continually innovate and bring industry-leading system solutions to the global mining industry.

Learn more about Victaulic’s commitment to safety and sustainability.

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