Victaulic W257 Wins “Utility Pipeline Technology Award”

Victaulic W257 Dynamic Movement Joint Wins Pipeline Industry Guild “Utility Pipeline Technology Award”

Victaulic W257 Wins “Utility Pipeline Technology Award”

Posted on March 11, 2020

On March 10th, 2020, Victaulic was honored by the Pipeline Industry Guild in London. At this ceremony, Victaulic’s Chris Sundberg and Tom Barath accepted the “Utility Pipeline Technology Award” for the Victaulic W257 Dynamic Movement Joint on Victaulic’s behalf.

The Pipeline Industry Guild was established in 1957 with the goal of supporting all areas of the pipeline industry, regardless of engineering discipline, application, or qualification. Today, in addition to continuing to support the industry, The Guild also recognizes products, people, and companies who efforts continue to advance the pipeline industry.

In 2003, the “Utility Pipeline Technology Award” was introduced to the global pipeline community by the Pipelines Industry Guild. The objective of the award was, and continues to be, to promote the development of new ideas in the general field of utility pipeline technology. The annual recipient of the award is selected based on the significant contributions that they have contributed to the utility pipeline technology.

Victaulic’s W257 Dynamic Movement Joint was selected as the 2019 “Utility Pipeline Technology Award” by the Pipeline Industry Guild. The W257 Dynamic Movement Joint was selected for its “seismic and differential settlement solutions” that it provided to the global pipeline community. This joint provides a more efficient solution to accommodate the dynamic movement accommodation associated with differential settlement and seismic movement in small through large piping systems. The applications that the Victaulic Dynamic Movement Joints support are typically found coming out of and between structures, on bridges, tank piping, new to old construction, valve vaults, pump stations, and other areas where a hard to soft foundation or buried to daylight conditions occur.



Comprised of the Victaulic® flexible joints, the Dynamic Movements Joints are pre-engineered to meet the movement and space considerations required on a project.  The Style 257, W257, and 257C joint greatly reduce installation time and design complexity compared to threaded rods and fabrication required for the installations of the AWWA M11 harness and C219 Bolted Sleeve-Type joints. The w257 joints provide a higher level of performance and reliability. The couplings are self-aligning and fully retrained and provide a visual confirmation of proper assembly from the metal-to-metal bold pad contact.  The joints are compliant with AWWA M11 and available for carbon steel pipe in 2”- 108” and DIP in 3”-36”.

“Victaulic is honored to be recognized for the solutions that the W257 Dynamic Movement Joint has made to the global pipeline community.” Victaulic’s Jim Renner, Vice President of Infrastructure, also stated that “the seismic and differential settlement solutions that the Dynamic Movement Joints provide showcase only a some of the innovative capabilities that Victaulic can provide to a project.” Renner noted that Victaulic has a long history of providing reliability, confidence and innovation to the global infrastructure market. “Since 1919, Victaulic has created and provided value engineering to countless projects, domestically and globally, through the solutions that our products and services are able to provide.”

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