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Essential Projects

Victaulic is committed to providing essential construction services to aid on mission-critical job sites such as those related to coronavirus pandemic response projects. We are proud to provide engineering confidence into every build especially in projects supporting life-saving applications. This page is dedicated to showcasing how Victaulic innovations and solutions advance coronavirus-related projects and efforts.

Today, Victaulic is actively supporting over 1,000+ essential projects globally. Hospitals, refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, medical supply facilities, power plants and many more essential service facilities rely on Victaulic products and solutions to keep their businesses running.

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Penn Medicine’s Pavilion Tower

Penn Medicine’s Pavilion Tower

Penn Medicine’s Pavilion Tower

Victaulic helped accelerate the opening of the 120+ bed Pavilion as an overflow space for non-COVID-19 patients. With Victaulic’s help, the facility was completed 15 month ahead of schedule. Victaulic solutions were applied and installed to Air Handling, HVAC, and plumbing units.

Harmac Pacific Pulp Mill

Harmac Pacific Pulp Mill

Harmac Pacific Pulp Mill

Harmac Pacific Pulp Mill is the one global supplier of the specific blend of pulp used to manufacture medical gowns and masks. Demand for Harmac’s pulp doubled since March. Victaulic’s grooving and coupling solutions were used to keep operations running smoothly as Harmac manufactures these critical lifesaving supplies.

Suncor – Oil Sands

Suncor – Oil Sands

Suncor - Oil Sands

Victaulic products and solutions are key in providing fire protection systems and a constant water supply. These solutions are essential in keeping the plant operational and safe.

Joseph Brant Hospital

Joseph Brant Hospital

Joseph Brant Hospital

When the Joseph Brandt Hospital in Ontario responded to COVID by building a temporary 93-bed wing, Victaulic products were used to connect pipe for comfort systems. Construction was completed in 14 days.

State University of New York at Stony Brook


Sirina Fire Protection Corp. and the US Army Corps of Engineers

New York City, New York

Victaulic is proud to have worked with Sirina Fire Protection Corp. and the US Army Corps of Engineers as they transformed an area at the State University of New York at Stony Brook into a 1,000-bed temporary hospital to care for COVID-19 patients.

Victaulic's coupling and fitting solutions saved installation time allowing the job to be completed in a few short weeks. This is one example of how we work together to make the impossible, possible.


Victaulic products and solutions are used in many critical construction projects.

Commercial Construction Application

Commercial Construction 

Victaulic offers piping system solutions for essential HVAC, commercial potable water and flow control systems for the commercial construction industry. Our products can help compress construction schedules, lower total installed cost and reduce system downtime.

FireLock™ Installation Ready™ Fitting

Fire Protection

From street-to-sprinkler there’s never a question, versatility and value are delivered. Victaulic manufactures innovative fire protection products including sprinklers, fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems, pipe couplings and fittings, and flow control valves. These products are used in commercial, infrastructure and industrial applications to protect people and property.

High Performance System

Industrial Construction and Maintenance

Victaulic pipe joining and flow control solutions have been chosen for critical industrial services, such as power generation, oil and gas extraction, mining, and municipal water and wastewater treatment, for their reliability, constructability, and safety.

Personnel viewing Modeling Software

Virtual Design and Construction

Victaulic offers customers project and material management services through our Virtual Design and Construction group. Our 100+ person team utilizes the latest 3D scanning and virtual reality software to streamline modeling and project efficiencies. Often acting as extensions of a customer’s own teams, and working with internal estimating, project management, drawing, procurement, and fab shops, Victaulic provides total project partnership to our customers.