Assisted Living

A commitment to safety, longevity, sustainability, and reduced downtime

Key in assisted living construction and retrofits is finding the balance between care delivery efficacy and comfort, while guaranteeing safety. Victaulic provides you a clean and flame-free work environment, reducing safety risks onsite, and provides you with state-of-the-art fire protection solutions to maximize protection of residents and staff alike. Our solutions help to attenuate noise and vibration caused by pumps and enable you to bring your project faster to market.

Victaulic solutions for assisted living ensure minimal maintenance downtime and maximize protection and comfort during and after construction of your HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems.


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Values & Solutions

Improved Safety

  • Flame-free installation without hazardous fumes
  • No fire alarm coordination required
  • Visual confirmation of joint integrity
  • Cleaner workspace
  • maximized protection with our fire protection product range

Ease of Installation

  • Reduced construction time to have minimal disruptions
  • Stay operational while doing refurbs
  • Smaller crew size onsite
  • Prefabrication and BIM capabilities

Noise & Vibration Attenuation

  • Increased comfort thanks to reduced system noise
  • No need for rubber bellows, the weakest link in pump rooms
  • Reduced stress on pumps and equipment connections


Virtual Design & Construction

We are here to help you make your next project faster from the start. Our VDC team can support BIM projects, 3D scanning, model-based estimating, and material management.

Application Engineering

Our Application Engineering group is comprised of engineering specialists who devote superior skills and extensive experience to provide only the best services to our valued customers.


Products, software, BIM, or routing, Victaulic offers customized training to fit your business needs.

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