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Victaulic is designed to support projects that are focused on the collection, transportation, and distribution of raw and treated resources and materials. We are proud to offer solutions that reduce risk, improve schedule, and increase certainty in conveyance pipelines around the globe.

Victaulic works for transmission.

Victaulic provides solutions that are engineered to save time and money in addition to project certainty and reliability. Independent experts have identified Victaulic’s grooved mechanical pipe solutions as a best practice for the construction of pipelines.

Victaulic grooved methodology offers the elimination of required processes and harmful testing utilized in other pipe joining methods. The result is a much faster, less labor-intensive, safer, and more economical solution for pipeline construction. In addition, reducing the environmental impact of the pipeline through the reduction of the footprint required with traditional construction methods. Included are the inherent design benefits of managing expansion and contraction, reducing stresses, and accommodating for dynamic movement and seismic activity.


Victaulic Transmission Solutions & Benefits

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Increased Certainty
  • Sustainable Lean Piping Systems
  • Increased Project and Design Efficiencies
  • Construction Modularization
  • Minimize Schedule
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