Hydraulic Control & Air Pressure Relief Valves

Through our exclusive partnership with Bermad, Victaulic now offers innovative solutions for the control and management or water supply based systems in HVAC, Municipal Water, Fire Protection and Industrial Utility & Processing. Click here for our Fire Protection line.

Designing water supply systems presents a unique set of challenges, all of which can be addressed by leveraging Bermad's product and technical expertise with Victaulic's extensive system knowledge and support.


Bermad Hydraulic Control Valves are expertly designed for unparalleled control, specifically control of variables such as pressure, flow, level, or on/off service.

Customizable trim configurations provide functionality without external power and enable a range of functions such as:

Pressure Reducing        • Pressure Relief
Pressure Sustaining      • Burst Control
Pump Control


15 minutes vs 80 minutes - On-site service of Bermad valves is up to 8 times faster to perform over competitor valves due to the modular actuator assembly

  1. Double-chambered actuator provides rapid response to sudden changes in system conditions
  2. The Bermad “Y” pattern valve body is obstruction free, providing a 15% increased flow capacity over standard globe valves
  3. Bermad Air Valves protect your piping system from the dangers of air accumulation
  4. Variety of joining methods available to install on any pipe line
  5. Can be configured for use in a variety of systems including HVAC, Municipal Water, Fire Protection, or Industrial Utility & Processing

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