Victaulic at NHA Clean Currents

Hydropower Facility represents Victaulic participation at the NHA hydropower industry event

Victaulic at NHA Clean Currents

Posted on September 9, 2021

The Victaulic Infrastructure Team is looking forward to participating in the first National Hydropower Association (NHA) Clean Currents Tradeshow and Conference. The hydropower industry event, which was created for the Industry, by the Industry, is being held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 20th – 22nd. As one of the first sources of energy used for electricity generation, hydropower continues to be one of the largest sources of renewable electricity generation in the United States.

Energy in Moving Water

Hydropower is defined as flowing water that is captured and converted into electricity. According to the U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA), hydroelectricity accounted for approximately 7.3% of the total U.S. utility-scale and 37% of renewable electricity generation in 2020. Hydropower facilities come in a variety of sizes, from large facilities, such as the Hoover Dam, to small irrigation ditches or water flows in municipal water facilities.

One of the biggest challenges that countries around the world face are the availability of low-carbon, affordable, and secure energy. Hydropower has been and continues to be, a sustainable and renewable energy source while also acting as a source of flood control, irrigation, and water supply.

Connecting the Hydropower Market

Clean Currents is the “official waterpower tradeshow and conference of the National Hydropower Association – promoted by North American waterpower to benefit the industry.” This event was created to bring key players from the North American hydropower market together for the betterment of the industry. Through showcasing innovative solutions and providing thought leadership and education opportunities, the organizers are aiming “to ensure that the advantages of hydropower remain relevant long into the future.”

Victaulic’s Zack Almont, Power Generation Specialist, has been a member of NHA Clean Currents’ Executive Planning Committee since the start of planning.  According to Almont, “For years, the NHA has been focused on the advancement of conventional hydropower, pump storage, small hydro, and marine energy as flexible sources of clean energy. It is great to see how the vision and execution of Clean Currents have aligned with this!”

Victaulic is Designed to Support Hydropower

Victaulic’s solutions are designed to support many of the essential operations of hydroelectric facilities. This includes the development and enhancement of penstocks, cooling water and oil-water separators, lube oil, control air, drains, service water, sump, generator suppression, intake controls, and fire protection.

Victaulic is proud to have supported numerous hydroelectric projects throughout the company’s history. Click the links below to learn about just a few of these projects:

The Victaulic Infrastructure Team will be showcasing their solutions for the hydropower market at NHA Clean Currents. Be sure to stop by Booth 614 to connect with Victaulic’s team of hydropower experts. Victaulic is proud to be an NHA Member and support the advancement of the hydropower industry.

Are you interested in connecting with the Victaulic Infrastructure Team now? Click here to be connected!

Are you interested in learning more about NHA Clean Currents? Click here to visit the official website for the event.

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